Money Can’t buy happiness…or can it?

bit of happyThis is the generally accepted foresight. Is this wisdom initiated by someone without money? There are studies that confirm this foresight, while there are those that oppose it, saying yes, being rich or wealthy helps with happiness. What are your thoughts. Have you been on either side?

Well maybe it can’t buy happiness, but it could make you less sad, for the time being. I mean, think about it.  You wake up with money in your bank account.  Maybe you still even have to a little work to keep that moolah flowing.   You are have an ehhh day, like we all do on occasion. You do your duties and then decide to go off for a spa day. Facial, Body Wrap,Massage, light lunch.  A couple of hours of being pampered at that awesome new Day Spa.  400 bucks and your feeling a little better, right?  And if your a guy, think of how you could occupy your crappy feeling day, to make you feel better.  What would you do? Take friends out for some roof top golf and lunch or dinner? That’ll be about $400 too. But your feeling better right? All bets on your friends feeling good too.

And sometimes that’s just what we need. Something different in our day, a good laugh, our mind of what we may not even be sure, and if you’ve got the money, possibly a new car. So yes, I think it is easier to have money to temporarily lift feelings of sadness or woe. But does this last?  Can it be done without money?  What if your filthy rich and able to satisfy feelings with purchases and items and then one day go broke, then what?


This all being said, I think I will explore the root of happiness and what that is in my next few posts.  Without focus on money, riches, or any of the sort.  Just some basic, foundational, root causes of happiness.  That way whether rich or poor, we explore the core of what that is.

I will be interviewing, Vivian style, people that I come across whether that be at work or when I’m running errands or engaging in services. My question will be “what is happiness from your perspective. What are the roots of happiness to you?”

Stay tuned to see where this goes.  It may be a wild ride(read)….or a Happy One!