Hawaii is Happiness

big island solar power

I’m currently in Hawaii right now…on the big Island to be exact.  I came out to help my parents.  My mother fell and broke her hip and my father works.  Someone needs to help the mama out.  They need help beyond that anyway.  To many details but the help I’m giving comes in many forms.

This post is my current status on happiness.  My mother fell while doing who knows what.  She prevented herself from hitting her head when she fell by throwing herself to to her side and landing on her right hip. Screaming in pain, my dad called the EMT’s and off she went to Waimea hospital.  They immediately performed surgery the next morning. Big old screw in her hip and some pain, but she’s alive and kicking…thank god!

Taking care of her has been a lot of work, but work I wouldn’t trade anything for it. I mean of course some extra money or income right now would be superb, but the fact that she’s alive and getting even better than she was before her fall is something big, actually huge to me.  It is sanity and happiness, even when she’s driving me looney with all her talking.  My mom can talk…and she bops all over the place (well not so much now).  Sometimes it’s so hard to focus.  And she talks with the T.V. on.  That damn T.V. is always on too….errrrr:/.  But you see the cost of these minor frustrations and little stresses is worth the extra 20 minutes I add to my afternoon walk, as well as the excitement I see in my mom because she’s getting better.  All of her kids, my sis and little bro, are coming to show their support, and this makes her happy.

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One Man’s Persepective

Charles Beeker…I am using an alias last name in respect to the man I asked “what is happiness to you?”.

My boyfriend had a big work convention, that fortunately, I was able to attend (not the convention, but the hotel and evening fun) with him.  We were chartered up north to a beautiful hotel for the week. Brief note: I had a such great time!  He did his daily work stuff and I got to lounge, get a massage and facial, work out, it was so awesome! The hotel was casual fancy, the food was incredible, the people there were great and even the corporate transportation service, which was a huge beautiful charter bus, was on point…. So it was like a vacation for me:).

Ok back to Charles.  He was with the group at the convention. One evening after we had dinner, we were outside where everyone was mingling and doing the after dinner thing.  Rand, my boyfriend was engaged in conversation, so I start wandering to find someone to strike a conversation with.  I saw this man there, but off on his own, kinda just gazing out. He would look up at the night sky and then out into the quietness of the hotel landscape.  I walked over to him and said, “peaceful evening, isn’t it.” “Peaceful Indeed,” was his reply.  We stood in silence for a moment.  I felt like he felt lonely or something. Not quite sure what it was, but I felt kinda sad for a brief moment, and then I felt bad for feeling sad for a man I did not know. So I blurted out, “What is happiness to you?” At the time I was thinking why did I just ask that. No opening conversation, you don’t know this man…well, whatever.   Continue reading One Man’s Persepective