Hawaii is Happiness

big island solar power

I’m currently in Hawaii right now…on the big Island to be exact.  I came out to help my parents.  My mother fell and broke her hip and my father works.  Someone needs to help the mama out.  They need help beyond that anyway.  To many details but the help I’m giving comes in many forms.

This post is my current status on happiness.  My mother fell while doing who knows what.  She prevented herself from hitting her head when she fell by throwing herself to to her side and landing on her right hip. Screaming in pain, my dad called the EMT’s and off she went to Waimea hospital.  They immediately performed surgery the next morning. Big old screw in her hip and some pain, but she’s alive and kicking…thank god!

Taking care of her has been a lot of work, but work I wouldn’t trade anything for it. I mean of course some extra money or income right now would be superb, but the fact that she’s alive and getting even better than she was before her fall is something big, actually huge to me.  It is sanity and happiness, even when she’s driving me looney with all her talking.  My mom can talk…and she bops all over the place (well not so much now).  Sometimes it’s so hard to focus.  And she talks with the T.V. on.  That damn T.V. is always on too….errrrr:/.  But you see the cost of these minor frustrations and little stresses is worth the extra 20 minutes I add to my afternoon walk, as well as the excitement I see in my mom because she’s getting better.  All of her kids, my sis and little bro, are coming to show their support, and this makes her happy.

Now here’s the part that made me decide to share all of this.  A friend of mine that I grew up with in Hawaii just had something horrible occur in her life.  Her mother, who leaves right by her, fell.  She didn’t break her hip though, or her leg, or anything else.  She died.  Yes she died. One fall and instantly her life was taken.  I’m not sure all of the details, as this all just happened.  Was it a stroke and that’s why she fell?  Did she hit her head? All I know is that my mother had the potential to be killed from her fall and she didn’t.  She just broke her hip.  Now a broken hip is no trip to paradise, but it’s better than a trip to heaven, or at least as far as we know from our physical and mental awareness.

My mom was a bit rattled by this news.  I think it hit close to home being that one week prior she fell and it so could of happened to her.

Another story that contributes to my post today.  Last night I read something my cousin in Arizona posted.  He’s a DJ and was doing his deal at a bar in Glendale.  He was rocking some country music and people were out dancing.  A guy and girl, 21 year old girl, were out twirling and dancin it up to some country, when suddenly the girl fell.  She hit the floor and it killed her!!  Like instantly killed her, her life is gone before it actually really started.  My cousin was extremely distraught by this. I mean he was playing music, making people dance, be merry and have a good time. And then he watched it change in the matter of minutes.

And another…. story that is. So I’m getting a coffee at Starbucks. I run into a girl that I used to baby sit back in the day when I  lived here.  I asked how she was. I asked how her mom was.  She proceeded to tell my that her mom fell a year ago and she is just finally recovering from it.  I’m thinking what!?!  I mean this is the third fall story, not including the giver of my life (fyi..”my mom”), in two days.

It speaks to me. For whatever reason something has been spoken to me.  Not in words but in feel.  I already know how fortunate I am to have my health, family, people that love me, and warm fuzzy creatures (my animals) that love me and I love. But I still stress about things given my fortunes. Stress usually comes from money. Money is tight right now.  Life becomes stressful when money is short and bills are tall.  And then something happens and the power of life and love are presented to you.  Not always on a silver platter, but they are presented in their own way.  I am aware of their presence in my life.  And I am grateful for the life of my mother. I am grateful to be able to travel to Hawaii and take care of her.  I am grateful for when she talks to much. My happiness is not found in money. My happiness is found in life, both internally and externally, with focus on the inside. Money may make it all easier, but it cannot fulfill or make up for a life that has been taken.

Stop and take a moment to be where you are at notice that that is presented to you.  Sometimes it takes stopping and becoming aware to understand it. To life.