Money Makes Me Happy

Many of my past posts expressed lean towards money not necessarily creating happiness . Today I write from the perspective that “hell ya money makes me happy”.  Not my perspective per say, but from Brady’s perspective.  Brady is one of the owners of I just hired them to come out and clean my carpets because my animals (dogs) have done some work on them!  Anyway, Brady is a super nice guy and they did a killer job on my furniture and carpets.  Anyway, I offered him a drink and a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie, that yes I made.  While he took a quick break to eat my delicious cookie, I asked him questions about his business. How long he owned it, all that good stuff. Then I asked him do you think money buys happiness.  His immediate response was a grin and a yes of course.  I asked him to explain.

In answering all my questions, he told me he’s owned and sold six businesses.  He worked hard on all them and then turned around and sold them.  As he learned different things along the way, each one he sold, he made a little more money. His carpet cleaning business now, is his 7th to own and be part of the operation.  He told me that each time he made money from one of his businesses, he would invest some and spend some.  Brady told me, I love money. I like spending it, sharing it, and making it.Brady has started a car collection. I’m not that into cars, but from what he told me of them he has a nice little collection.  He takes his wife somewhere twice a year.  They’ve been many places in Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tokyo, Bali, and South America.  He likes giving to others that have less.  He likes being able to splurge on nice scotch and restaurants when he wants.  He said, I work hard and I like to play hard and reward myself.  Without money I wouldn’t have the ability to do these same things.  I like these things, so I like money.  It contributes to my happiness.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not all I want, nor is it every part of my happiness, but girl who makes good cookies, I love me some money.  He had a big smile (with a raisin stuck between his front teeth) when he said this to me.

Brady is not a lazy guy, or as far as it seems.  He really got to work at my house.  I mean if he’s as financially sound as he says, he could be paying someone to clean my carpets and furniture, rather than do it himself. From what I gathered through listening and observation, money makes Brady happy. He’s seems to like to work hard and make lots of moolah, which he in turn really enjoys enjoying.  I personally think he would be bored if he didn’t work.  I think boredom would make Brady unhappy.  So he stays busy in his businesses, that makes him happy, and then he turns his business into profits, and that makes him happy.

Go Brady.  You seem to be a nice, simple man that enjoys his money.  It was really nice talking with you. You made it all seem easy and not that big of a deal….money and happiness that is.  I salute you for your success, hard work in life, and ability to say, “yep money makes me happy”. And I’m not sure what all your other businesses were, but your a damn good carpet cleaner.