My Happiness

  sedona az  magical vortex in sedona

Beautiful Sedona, AZ….my happiness.

Fortunately, Arizona is my home residence and Sedona is less than a two hour drive away. Sedona is magical. It is the home to many vortexes, and is knowns as a spiritual power center. Aside from the fact that it is a major energy center, Sedona is beautiful. It is surrounded by red rock formations that are large and powerful. No matter how many times I’ve traveled here, and it has been a lot, it’s beauty and majesticness always captivate me.

We took a four day getaway in Sedona. We worked, we hiked, we sat, we loved.  It was incredible. In total we spent $550 (including some cry
stals we bought). The trip could have easily cost $10,000, depending where we can from I the world and where we stayed at in Sedona.  Would we have paid $10,000 if we lived far away?  Probably not, at least not at this point in our lives.  However, we took advantage of nearby beauty.

I say this because today I want to steer my focus from buying happiness, to finding a happy spot with or without money.  Someone with billions of dollars that lives in AZ could have done the same thing, at the same price. They may or may not have found the same amount of immense happiness that I did in Sedona this weekend.  What made it so wonderful for me?

I experienced Sedona with some of those I love, those that make me happy inside (my lover and my dogs)

I just got over being sick before we headed up, and feeling good felt sooo good, that I was just happy to be alive and well again.  We take feeling good for granted, or at least I have.

I love the outdoors. Beautiful scenery, adventure, mystical places, and I had all of that in Sedona.

I did the things that make me feel good and accomplished. I balanced my work, with my love of exercise the outdoors, good wine, clean, good food, and again my animals and my boyfriend.  I found a balance in indulgence, which is my happy spot.

I took a step out of my everyday habits and routines to enjoy something different.

There was not a price tag to place on this trip.  I created it and couldn’t have bought it.