About the Author

Welcome to my site. My name is Vivian.  Sometimes certain people, long time, close friends, call me Honey.  When I was a little girl, my Poppy’s (Grandpa) nickname for my Grandma was Honey.  I thought it was the coolest, and “sweetest name”. I always said, “when I grow up, I’m changing my name to Honey.”  Well, when I was 12, I started calling myself Honey, and making sure family and friends did too. Once I graduated college, I went back to Vivian…thought it was a little more pro, ya’ know.  Those close to me, from way back when, call my Honey.

I inform you of this for a reason.  As I write, I may at times write as Honey.  It all depends on the time frame I write from, the life situations bred in memory,  that I bring to life in the words I write here, to be read by everyone or no one.

You see, I created this as a form of expression.  To talk about life, it’s riches, and it’s richestpersons. Rich comes in many forms, depending on the perceiver. I have experienced many things, met many people, felt poor when I had “wealth” and felt rich, when I was poor.  So what is rich, or wealth?  Is it money?  Is it consciousness? Spirituality? Love?  Excess objects?

You must read to learn more.