What is Rich to you?

What Does Rich Mean To You?

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What does it mean to you? What is wealth to you?  Does it have to mean one thing?  I don’t think so, but to you, possibly it does.I ask this for you to ponder. Maybe many things play a role in the answer to this question. Life experiences, social pressure, desires, and more.

  • Is Richness Money?
  • Is Rich necessarily so Black and White?
  • Is Richness Family?
  • Is Rich your Freedom?
  • What drives you to go after your riches?

And so we shall explore.

I grew up with a lack of money.  My parents came from two different sides life.  My father, dark hair, and dark eyed, comes from a “hispanic” background, and grew up without money (Poor to some).  My mother, blonde hair, and blue eyed, comes from a “caucasian” background, and grew up with money(Rich to some).  They met when they were young, 19. Times were in a progressive state, but they both felt the intensity of an interracial marriage.  My dad was poor, but a proud, hard working man, that vowed to take care of my mom and not accept help from his “wealthy” father-in-law.  My mom naive and loving, wanted everyone to be happy.  To her she found wealth in the love she found for the man she married, my father.  She didn’t care about not having money, or the fact that her tacos were sloppy joe mix in a store bought taco shell…..remember my dad comes from “real taco”. She simply wanted to be with him. Near him. She found richness in my father and what she wanted her relationship to be.  By the way, for any newbie taco cooks, check out my extras page for a great taco recipe. It’s more traditional and a suggested try.

My dad was out to take care of his new wife, and they had a bun in the oven (me), so humans were multiplying and that meant more money was needed.  The stress to provide and show my Poppy, his father-in-law, that he could provide, was in full swing. There were nights he just needed a break. Beers with the homies, the cousins. Finding a balance with a pregnant wife, a baby on the way, working, being so young and the tight monetary situation, left him a bit “strapped” in more ways than one.

What’s my point in sharing this?  Well the beginning of many, as my mom and dad were two people that impacted the way I view rich.  From the many re-tellings of how my mother and father began, my mom felt as though she was the “richest person”, with her new husband, the love of her life. She felt this richness, even though materialistically she was poor, they were poor. But did my dad.  Maybe, but I have not heard him tell that story. I’m not saying he wasn’t happy, but I don’t necessarily believe he would have called that rich, as my mom did.


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