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The Bsetrecipes platform is more than just recipes. This is the new French destination for food lovers and epicureans. Entirely digital, this Zeste initiative takes a unique look at the gourmet lifestyle and food. She clears and puts at table what you need to know about culinary, the end product made by the farmer from a corner of the land (hello saffron Quebec!) To the last chef darling (you do not know Alexandre Cohen?). Nature and organic wine that is always more popular with the trends that turn the sommeliers on. The best health tips for feeding kids about nutrition time (just to take care of your second brain!). In short, see how, through inspiring and enriching content, Bsetrecipes informs, entertains and inspires sharing!
Always evolving place, Bsetrecipes is also more than videos and articles. It is a community of more than 400 culinary experts from different disciplines. Chefs, cooks, stylists, pastry chefs, nutritionists, sommeliers, mixologists, bakers and a host of other craftsmen and specialists in bold courses join forces to help you enjoy the best tips, tricks and techniques. In addition to making your daily life easier, they will broaden your horizons on new facets of the universe that animate them.
Finally, wanting to promote and shine local talent and interact with the public, Bsetrecipes actively engages in various events that shape the culinary future of here and elsewhere.

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